Filip Paszkiewicz

From a young age I had a keen interest in Robotics. This led me to pursue a BSc degree in Robotics at the University of Reading in England. My undegraded degree develop an interest in the filed of mathematical system modelling and autonomous control. To further immerse myself in the topic I obtained a MSc in Systems & Control from the Technical University of Delft in Holland, Netherlands. During my masters I did a research internship at Moog Inc, which made me realise my fondness for research and most importantly translating academic research into consumer products benefiting people.


To explore the vertex of academia and industry I worked as a Research Assistant on a project aimed at delivering stems cells to the human retina. From there I got the opportunity to work at the fantastic Biomechatronics Lab at Imperial college London for a year as a Research Assistant on controlling smart prosthetics using biological signals. Which resulted in us securing finding for further work and allowed me to peruse a PhD with the lab.









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