Industry Collaborators
Industrial-academic collaboration plays a vital role in our research vision. We have ongoing collaborations with several cutting edge corporations to insure technology developed in the Biomechatronics Laboratory translates to positive impact for society. These relationships have resulted in several patents and new commercial products in robotics and instrumentation. A few of our commercial partners include:
Serg Technologies

SERG Technologies has developed a new, revolutionary, way of interacting with technology. Our patented sensor technology has enabled an unobtrusive universal human-machine interface (HMI), which is more robust, reliable, user-friendly and versatile than any existing commercial gesture-control system. Our first product will be a new interface to control prosthetic hands while in parallel, we will develop a universal standalone HMI controller for smart, connected devices and the IoT


Maddison Product Design is a firm specializing in complex usability and technical problems to deliver prototypes for patient trials, graphical user interfaces, design and manufacture solutions for commercial products.  The Biomechatronics Laboratory is working with Madison on the commercial translation of our work in wearable sensors and medical rehabilitation systems.

McLaren Applied Technologies


McLaren Applied Technologies (MAT) is on a relentless mission to improve people’s lives by combining our fresh thinking and technology to solve crucial challenges. MAT is working with Imperial’s Biomechatronics lab on sensing and robotic systems ranging from applications such as assessment of neurological disorders, to implanted sensors, to interfaces to control lower limb exoskeletons.


Stepper is a world leader in healthcare technology. We have been working with Steeper's award-winning Bebionic artificial hand, to enhance human-robot interfaces for grasping.  Please see our video and research pages for some of the results we have achieved in controlling their innovative platform


Athletec spun out of the Biomechatronics Laboratory in 2015 to spearhead wearable technologies in combat sports.  Drawing from our medical research, biomechatronics student Charles Burr created a revolutionary product for monitoring boxing performance. Current collaborations involve expanding the system to other combat sports and high perfomrance human motion tracking.


x-io Technologies specialises in embedded sensing solutions.  It was founded by Dr Sebastian Madgwick based on algorithms and hardware developed during his PhD in with Dr Vaidyanathan.  The research that led to this spinout company is being extended by our team in wearable systems for stroke rehabilitation, sports, and robotic control.

Imperial Innovations

Imperial Innovations is a private venture firm dedicated to commercializing the most promising UK academic research whose track record includes raising over £200 million in commercial funding for academic spin-out activities.    The Biomechatronics Laboratory has worked closely with Imperial Innovations on a wide range of commercialization projects, ranging from wearable sensors to neurorobotics.  


Emotix is the developer of Miko, a social robot for children.  Our team is collaborating with Emotix on human robot interface (HRI) and future applications for their exciting platforms.


BioRobots is a US-based company focused on commercialization of robotic devices inspired from insect neuromechanics and biology.  Our collaborations involve design and control architectures for robots capable of adapting modes of locomotion.