Sebastian Mancero

Sebastian is a researcher in the Bio-Mechatronics Laboratory in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Imperial College London. He is part of the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Neurotechnology programme, which comprises a master’s degree year followed by a PhD. During his master’s he worked on haptic sensory substitution, developing a wearable force feedback device intended for prosthetic users during grasping tasks.

Currently, Sebastian works on improvements providing acute tactile sensory feedback through mechanical surface stimulation to create a robust and cost-effective scheme able to be fused with implantable brain-robot interfaces for robotic control. His work will follow with a comprehensive analysis of electromyography and mechanomyography muscle activity response to determine an effective method of using these two muscle responses to complement each other’s limitations. Considering the different features of each signal it would be possible to overcome the individual limitations of each one and expand the scope of current clinical applications.